Electric Parts & Supplies

In addition to electric guitar education and repairs we also offer

Strings from top brands including Ernie Ball, D’Addario, Martin, DR, and Elixir – Available in various colors, sizes, and features

Electronic parts from top brands including CTS, Bournes, Seymour Duncan, Switchcraft, and Sprague – Control Pots – Various designs and values, Switches – various designs and values, Jacks – various designs, Capacitors – various materials and values, and Pick-ups – various models and features

Replacement/ Upgrade parts Nuts & Saddles in a variety of materials and levels of completion including TUSQ – Tuning pegs in a variety of colors and features including these brands: Schaller, Grover, Sperzel, Kluson, and Graphtech (check out their Ratio tuning pegs)

We also offer additional parts, picks, capos, tuners, and cleaning products for many popular electric guitars from brands including Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner, Gorgomyte, Keyser, Planet Waves, Dunlop, and Snark

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