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I appreciate the opportunity to help you learn!

A versatile musician with more than  25 years of guitar playing and 15 years of teaching experience, I have helped many people of all ages and interests become the musician they want to be.

Whether you’re an experienced musician who is interested in expanding your knowledge base or just getting started, I can help you too!

My approach to teaching allows you to be engaged 100% during each lesson, we’re in it together.

Lessons are tailored to your musical interests.


Topics of Discussion

Basic Elements
-Guitar Anatomy
-Dexterity Exercises
-Picking Exercises
-Practice Habits Tools and Equipment
-Chord Shapes
-Approaches to rhythm guitar
-Approaches to picking & strumming
-Walks and fills
-Introduction to common  gear

Playing Songs
-Intro to written music
-Learning songs from books
-Learning songs by ear
-Learning songs through demonstration

Creating Songs
-Choosing chords
-Developing ideas
-Arranging ideas
-Basic music theoryLead Guitar
-Scale Patterns
-Scale Theory
-Licks and runs
-Choosing scales
-Solo strategies

-Basic instrument care
-Developing your guitar sound
-Choosing Equipment
-Music Ownership


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